Participating Organizations


Lifelong is the leading community health organization serving people with chronic illnesses, including cancers, homebound seniors and HIV/AIDS, in Western Washington. We believe all people have a right to a roof over their head, healthy food to eat, and access to affordable healthcare. Lifelong delivers food, housing, and health services; collaborates with community organizations on the prevention and care of chronic disease; and advocates for effective HIV/ AIDS policy. Lifelong\'s goal is to keep people healthy. Simply put- we make health work.

When a person is living with a chronic illness and faced with financial hardships, getting healthy can be an overwhelming task. This struggle affects people in every corner of our community - from ambitious youth eager to start their lives but struggling to come to terms with their illness to seniors dealing with hunger and isolation. Until they get back on their feet, we advocate to make sure the amazing people we serve receive what many of us take for granted - food, shelter, insurance, even human interaction.

The bulk of our volunteer opportunities exist to help our food and nutrition program, Chicken Soup Brigade. We need individuals and groups to help prepare meals in our kitchen, pack groceries in our warehouse, and deliver this nutritious and healthy food to homebound seniors.

How to contact Lifelong:

Call or email our Volunteer Department at 206-957-1607 or