Participating Organizations

1 Sustainable Planet

One Sustainable Planet is a grassroots climate organization. We are working on solutions to climate change. We are made up of parents and ordinary people who are trying to create the structures and policies for a sustainable planet for all future generations. We are guided in our work by the question: "What will create a liveable and just planet for our children's children?"

Our work begins with how we treat each other and the methods we use to create new possibilities and change. We have work groups working on planting and protecting trees as a carbon sink visioning a green economy changing how we produce and consume food to be sustainable changing our build community and looking at how to reduce our carbon foot print both individually and collectively. We have to focus on solutions under Trump at the local level."

Everything we do is done by volunteers, so we value what you have to bring to the table. We do need a web designer, people with Facebook experience, we need people with research skills, people who know how to organize events, or give presentations. But whatever your background and experience we mainly just need people with a passion for these issues and willing to be show up and commit to making a difference. We will find the right place for you.

How to contact 1 Sustainable Planet:

Email Lynn Fitz-Hugh: (206-713-0497)