Participating Organizations

Communities Rising!

Our mission statement is:

"Helping each of us become the activist we want to be, shaping a future that works for everyone."

The way that we do that is by bringing people together in large gatherings (170 people is our largest to date) and smaller groups (we currently have 8 Neighborhood Groups ranging in size from 8 - 52 people). We provide facilitation support for meetings on-call guidance for facilitators, suggestions/guidelines for meetings. We provide resources and communication tools on our website - as well as a FB page (relatively limited right now as FB pages go) and a MeetUp page with over 175 members. We have a database approaching 250 members--which we use on a very limited basis.

Our orientation in a general sense is relationship-based heart-based support for activists--as individuals and collections of individuals. Our guiding principles are: Nonviolence, Inclusion, Working for the Common Good and the Primacy of Dialogue with Curiosity.

We are non-partisan. We want to collaborate with other organizations. We are looking at providing trainings in NVC meeting facilitation and other areas where our skill sets can match with activists' needs. We believe that shaping a world and a future that works for everyone will take a long time--and that self-care and caring for one another is essential if we are to persist with the stamina and determination necessary."

How to contact Communities Rising!:

Please contact Rick McClurg (206 354-9803)