Participating Organizations

Cascadia Rising

Cascadia Rising is a volunteer-led action group formed to serve as a non-intimidating entry point for political engagement. We are non-partisan, progressive grassroots voters, motivated to preserve democracy and make an impact at all levels of government-- especially our state legislature. All are welcome, regardless of experience level or skillset.

We resist. Many of our elected officials no longer represent the public interest. Instead, they are taking direct, aggressive action to roll back progress made. We will not abide.

We organize. We believe that by implementing a non-hierarchical, decentralized leadership model, we can re-assert the power of the people through strategic mass-action. Simply put: lots of small teams, everywhere, working together on similar issues, separately.

We rise. We support one another. Our numbers are our strength. We believe there is no limit to what we can accomplish, if we work together.

We need people willing to take a risk and lead a group of 12-15 people to resist. This entails helping to facilitate a monthly two hour meeting, setting up a Facebook page, and keeping in touch with group members. That's how we started! Just a couple of neighbors, meeting over pastries, sharing what we knew and committing to learn what we didn't.

How to contact Cascadia Rising:

E-mail us at