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Backbone Campaign

Backbone Campaign's mission is to amplify the aspirations of “We the People” with creative, solutionary strategies and artful activism to manifest a world where life, community, nature, and our obligations to future generations are honored as sacred. We do this by providing a propositional vision, artistic tools and props, action support, and trainings to change agents and front-line communities confronted with extreme extraction, economic injustice, racism and oppression.

Propelled by the belief that “When the People Lead, the Leaders Follow,” a group of artists founded Backbone Campaign in 2004 to use bold, artful activism in order to build momentum for a people-powered democratic agenda and a vision for a future we’d be proud to hand our children. After 13 years we have a vast track record of enlivening and amplifying community engagement. We have a national network of committed allies and vast expertise in designing visually, compelling media-savvy actions, and strategic campaigns. Backbone Campaign offers workshops through a growing roster of highly-skilled change agent trainers. We have conducted over 200 trainings, including eight years of Localize This!, our week-long action camp on Vashon Island, each attended by 75 - 100 people from across the country.

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