Participating Organizations

World Relief Seattle

World Relief Seattle has worked since 1979 to empower the community to serve refugees and immigrants in the Greater Seattle Area. Originally founded to care for those fleeing war in Southeast Asia, we have since grown to resettle refugees from almost 50 countries and resettled over 1,100 refugees in 2016. We are encouraged by the many churches, businesses, and individuals who use their resources and ingenuity to enhance the lives of refugees and immigrants throughout Western Washington.

Due to the cuts in the refugee program, we are in need of additional private giving to protect staffing and program infrastructure necessary to serve refugees who have already arrived, in addition to building new immigrant and refugee services for broader post-arrival populations. We are certainly interested having you invest in our programming, but would also love to be connected to people in the community or businesses that you know that may be interested in learning how to serve refugees in the Puget Sound Region.

As we pivot away from federal funding, we are also in need of volunteer expertise in marketing as we engage the community and get our name into the broader public view. We have years of church engagement and private donor experience, but do not have a marketing or communications specialist and have limited expertise in this area as we try to meet the moment of increased awareness and interest in refugees.

How to contact World Relief Seattle:

Email Robbie Adams, volunteer coordinator, at