Crazy Ideas Open Mic

The goal of Find Your Lane is to connect people with activist organizations that share their vision. But what if there’s nobody you can find doing exactly what you want to do? Why not create something new?

We’ll have an Crazy Ideas Open Mic session where you’ll get one minute to explain what it is you want to do to the audience, then stick around and talk to anyone who wants to get on board. There will be a sign-up sheet at the event, but get on the list now and start the ball rolling!

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Media campaign targetting changeable minds using psychological techniques

To fight back effectively, we have to attack the problem at its source and on the same battlefield as our opponents. We must work to influence public opinion on the digital stage.

CRITICAL IDEA: Messages must be crafted and delivered in a way that won't immediately be rejected by the listener. That means explaining things in a way they can hear, which may be different than the way WE think about it.

We will:

  • Identify a set of ideas we wish to promote (policy positions, political candidates, etc.) and harmful ideas we wish to squelch
  • Craft messages in support of / opposition to those ideas using the most advanced techniques available
  • Disseminate those ideas across the digital platforms using the most efficient and advanced techniques available

No single technique or tool will be effective on its own: the Internet is an echo chamber, where ideas are bounced, repeated, and amplified before they are internalized. Our strategy will involve combining advanced marketing tactics built on scalable technology to gradually influence the course of opinion in the direction we want, while subverting and undermining the hate and greed that we oppose.

Jordan Schwartz

Identify high voter suppression areas in red states & support voter turnout efforts in the 2018 midterms.

I'm from Texas and am fed up by the GOP efforts to suppress the vote in red states. Districts won't be redrawn until after the 2020 election and it will be led by party officials who gain power in 2018 and 2020. I want to organize with people that have an interest in flipping red states in the upcoming elections. Whether it's creating the strategy, researching and communicating with districts of interest, creating a transportation strategy, or other ideas, I want to partner with my fellow community to make a tangible difference. Voter suppression efforts are nothing new - Texas court cases span decades and anyhow, I'm tired of waiting for the courts.


To share ideas

I like this idea of an open mic! ;)

I have one of the best ideas, ever. It's how we can solve climate change, it's how we can save endangered species, have clean air and water, food that isn't toxic. It's how we can have real, direct democracy. It's how we can overcome any challenge we face. What's the big idea? YOURS. Share your ideas for a better nation.

Ben Mater

monthly vollunteer homeless camp clean-up days

I oppose the way the homeless camp sweeps are happening and think there are enough people who care that would volunteer for a monthly day at each camp for a volunteer clean-up day.

Mac McGregor